University Overview

Israel Experience at Bar Ilan University provides students with high-level general and Judaic studies, credits that are transferable to many North American universities, and an independent, vibrant dorm life. We offer the benefits of a relatively small, intimate program of approximately 100 English-speaking students, combined with the resources and infrastructure of a top notch university.

Classes take place on campus four days a week. Judaic courses are offered at beginner and advanced levels each morning. Options include Talmud, Philosophy, Contemporary Jewish Law, Tanach and a wide array of other topics.

Israel Experience offers a variety of afternoon courses taught in English each semester that reflect a typical freshman course load in North American universities. Academic options include Business, Science, Psychology, Law, Medicine, History, English, Management and more.

For a full menu of current Judaic and general course offerings, click here. (link to ‘Course listings ‘page)

We also offer extensive leadership opportunities and tiyulim (field trips).

Sample weekly schedule and annual calendar.


Will my Bar Ilan credits transfer to my university in America or Canada?
Yes, in many cases. Read more information on transferring credits.

Can I use US federal grants to subsidize my attendance at BIU?
Students may apply for certain US state and federal grants and subsidized loans through some US schools. Learn more here.

Can I attend for only 1 semester, or are 2 semesters required?
Most Israel Experience students attend for an entire year, but students may apply for one semester of study. Dormitory space may be limited for spring semester, so students are urged to apply early. Note that many secular university classes are offered on a year-long basis beginning in the fall.

What if I love Bar Ilan so much that I want to stay longer than a year?
Israel Experience students have the option to apply their credits towards an entire undergraduate BA degree at Bar Ilan, with all classes taught in English. Click here to learn more. Israel Experience classes can count for up to a full year of credit, which leaves just 2 years left to graduate. If a student maintains an 85 average at Bar Ilan, they also receive automatic admission to Bar Ilan’s prestigious 1-year MBA program.

Can I take courses in Hebrew?
Students who so desire, and whose Hebrew proficiency is acceptable, may also select from several of the 7,000 courses offered in Hebrew.

Bar Ilan University By the Numbers

  • 33,000 Students at Bar-Ilan
  • 28 Nationalities represented
  • 1,700 Academic Faculty
  • 52 Academic Departments
  • 8,009 Courses
  • 1 Million publications in 24 libraries
  • 69 Research centers and institutes
  • 130 acre campus in Ramat Gan