Criteria for Acceptance

Israel experience is open to all Jewish students, regardless of level of religious observance or background. The main criteria are that prospective students must be seriously interested in exploring their heritage. Participants must observe the rules and expectations of the program, which includes traditional Orthodox observance of Shabbat, kashrut, modest dress, and good behavior.

Requirements for admission include, but are not limited to:

  • A high school diploma
  • Good SAT or ACT results
  • Strong high school academic record
  • Positive recommendations
  • Personal interviews with Israel Experience staff

The online application must be accompanied by:

  • Two references (including at least one teacher and one rabbi)
  • Transcripts and test results
  • Non-refundable application fee of $180

Once accepted, participants receive regular informational packets and updates, and may contact our staff at any time for additional help in preparing for our program.