Financial Aid

Early Registration Discount

Those who apply, are accepted, and submit a deposit by February 15 will receive an automatic $500 tuition reduction.

MASA Grants

While most grants and loans are based on need, MASA offers a minimum of $1,000 regardless of need.  For those who demonstrate “Extreme need”, MASA gives up to an additional $3,000.

US Federal Grants

Students may apply for certain US state and federal grants (such as Pell and Tapp) and subsidized student loans through Yeshiva University.  Students must apply and be accepted by both Israel XP and one of these US schools. You do NOT need to attend these schools after your year in Israel in order to receive these grants.


NCSY offers scholarships at both the regional and national level, for students active in NCSY. Students graduating from a public high school may qualify for an additional JSU grant.

Need Based Grants

Need based grants range from $500 to $3,000.

Academic Grants

Merit grants range from $300 to $500.

Additional Grants

Grants are available from many other private and communal sources. If you are accepted to our program, please contact us and we will send you details and contact information for several other outside funding opportunities.