Shabbat and holidays are a key element of your time in Israel, and we strive to bring you unforgettable experiences, replete with majestic locations, warm families, music and dancing, and delicious food.

  • Destination Shabbatonim: Spend half a dozen Shabbats in magical locations such as Jerusalem, Tzfat, the Golan Heights, and southern Israel.
  • Community Shabbatonim: Visit diverse communities and be welcomed into the homes of English-speaking families, such as Beit Shemesh, and the Judean and Samarian hills.
  • Free Shabbats: About half of the Shabbats are free, during which students are welcome to visit family or friends. The Israel XP dorms remain open and staffed for whomever would like to remain on campus, and often the campus staff families will host students for meals. (Note: the dorms are closed for the holiday of Passover.) The Israel XP senior staff also warmly invite students to their homes for free Shabbats.
  • Holidays: Israel XP also organizes joyous celebrations of Hanukkah and Purim, and an all-night uplifting celebration of Shavuot.