Connect with the Land of Israel

During your year on the Israel XP, you will visit and enjoy nearly every site Israel has to offer.  Learn Jewish history by re-living it at the sites where it happened. Feel the Torah literally come to life beneath your feet. And while you experience the spiritual excitement of our holy land, you will enjoy the physical as well – zip-lining across a beautiful oasis, rappelling down mountains, rafting down rivers, and more.

Day trips

Every other week, we offer an exciting day trip. Sites range from historic to religious, from scenic to thrilling. Those who have never been to Israel will marvel at our homeland. Those who have been to Israel before will be amazed to realize how much more there is to see. Trips include educational experiences, volunteer work, visiting Israel’s borders and understanding security needs, cultural immersion, and more.

Tiyulim (long trips)

Each semester there is a multi-day intensive trip, a tiyul, one through the northern Golan Heights and one through the Negev desert.  Partake in stunning hikes, bonfires, camel rides, jeeping, and boating. These tiyulim are a wonderful bonding experience for the entire Israel XP group.